FLUX Market

Application Examples

FLUX Token Flow

Supply & Allocation

Token Supply
  • 1 FLUX = $0.04 USD
  • Hard Cap = $20,000,000 USD
  • 1B Total Supply
  • 500M sold to the public
  • 270M Growth Escrow
  • 200M (20%) Team: 25% vest at 6-mths, remainder over 2 years
  • 30M to SAFT Round
Token Allocation
  • Engineering and development: 30%
  • Partnerships, Marketing and Incentives: 25%
  • Marketing & Community Development: 20%
  • Operations: 15%
  • Advising: 7%
  • Legal and Compliance: 2%
  • Bounty Programs: 1%


Blake Burris
Project Lead, Co-founder
Blake comes from the worlds of mobility and data and is always on the frontier of new markets; mobilizing community around emerging products. Founder of the Cleanweb movement. First hire at Samsung-backed Vinli. Funded by Facebook twice. He is a co-author of "The Smartup Manifesto” defining opportunities where big data, sensors, urban tech and the sharing economy collide.
Amichai Yifrach
R&D Lead
Former commander of elite military units who creates security and IT solutions for armies, governments, Fortune 500s. Amichai’s work in artificial personality, nano sensors and image recognition is key to realization of the Flux vision to cognify the physical world.
Karin Kloosterman
Communications & PR Lead
Journalist and biologist by trade who will ensure the whole world knows of Flux’s aspirations for autonomous farming and ensuring global food security. For more than a decade, Karin has led the dialog on technology for sustainable systems with a particular focus on the Middle East. Her work has been featured on Bloomberg, CNN, Techcrunch, New York Times, and is known in some parts of the world as the Green Prophet.
Nir Hertzman
Operations & Manufacturing Lead
20 years’ experience in operations management and New Product Introduction. Past senior director of operations at Lumenis (Israel), maintenance manager at TowerJazz (Israel) and outsourced VP operations to over 100 early-stage cleantech startups. An MBA from Haifa University, and a BSc in electrical engineering from the Technion.
Jared Jolton
Blockchain Engineer
With a passion for blockchain development and a strong background in machine learning, Jared brings a host of software talents to the Flux team. Jared’s development expertise spans domains, with experience ranging from building resilient big data applications to programming intelligent, automated gardening systems.
Eric Platon, Ph.D.
Technical Advisor, Data & Machine Intelligence
Eric turns data into automated control for Indoor Farming and ECLSS at Cosmos X in Tokyo. He graduated from Pierre and Marie Curie University with a PhD in Distributed Artificial Intelligence / Multi-Agent Systems, and from his Uncle’s winery, growing Grenache in France.
Kylen McClintock
Proof of Impact
Kylen brings product management experience in hardware, IoT and blockchain to Flux. As the founder of Blockchain for Sustainable Development, he has advised startups and NGOs on impactful blockchain models throughout the developing world. He now manages key partnerships, and leads projects as a liaison between internal and external teams for Flux. He previously founded the wearable tech company, AirBespoke.
Cooper Turley
ICO Project Manager
Cooper brings crowdsale analysis, tokenomics, and crypto investing experience combined with marketing hustle to the Flux project. Leveraging his knowledge of the landscape and network of influentials, he is building impactful partnerships that will accelerate the Flux Ecosystem. As an active member of CU Blockchain Club, Cooper is charged with building and managing a group of a dozen plus students participating in the Flux community marketing bounty program.
Mason Yeager
Community Manager
Mason brings his experience in blockchain technology and data analytics to the Flux Project. Additionally, a member of CU Blockchain and Economics major, Mason is the voice of the Flux Community.


Adi Sideman
CEO of PROPS Project & YouNow
Adi is a pioneer in participatory media, an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. Adi founded YouNow, a live social platform which has grown to 40 Million users and most recently, launched the PROPS Project which is a blockchain-based social video platform, He is a member of the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences and was named one of 2015’s top 100 most influential and inspiring people in NYC tech by Business Insider.
Mike Germano
Blockchain VC & Former Chief Digital Officer - Vice Media
Mike Germano was the Chief Digital Officer of VICE and CEO/co-founder of Carrot Creative. Mike led digital endeavors for VICE Media and oversees Carrot, now a VICE company. Carrot is an award-winning, full-service, digital agency. It creates digital campaigns and products for clients including Yankees, Chipotle, Ferrari, Snapchat, Netflix, Disney, Under Armour, Rolex, Home Depot, MLB, Red Bull, Ford, NFL and many others.
Lou Kerner
Co-Founder, Crypto Oracle
Lou Kerner is a Founding Partner of CryptoOracle, a VC and Advisory firm focused exclusively on companies leveraging blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts and decentralization. Lou has been a Crypto enthusiast, investor, and thought leader since 2013, and is recognized as one of the most influential Crypto bloggers.
Andrew Hyde
Community at Origin Protocol
Andrew was the founder of four startups, including Startup Weekend, and has built global communities across dozens of countries. He was employee number 1 at TechStars.
Henry Gordon-Smith
Urban Agriculture Consultant. Founder, Agritecture
Henry Gordon-Smith is an acknowledged global thought leader in urban agriculture. Henry’s breadth of experience ranges across the spectrum of the sector; from vertical farms and commercial greenhouses to soil-based farms and architectural design amenities.
Nathan Ota, Ph.D.
Technology & Supply Chain Advisor
CTO at Radio Thermostat Company of America. He previously led the Consumer Solutions group at Trilliant and authored the book "Residential Energy Management For A Carbon-Constrained World". He earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley and Management of Technology Certification from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

FLUX Tech Roadmap

Q1 2016
ICONYC Labs accelerator (New York City)
Q3 2016
MICO printed circuit board (PCB) development
Q4 2016
  • Flux Framework development
  • NEW ENERGY conference participation (Astana, Kazakhstan)
Q2 2017
  • Bloomberg Technology feature story
  • AgroHack participation and speech (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Q3 2017
  • AG/SUM, Nikkei conference exhibit (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 40K fans achieved for Eddy Growbot pre-order
Q4 2017
Hong Kong FinTech Week participation
January 2018
  • CryptoInFrisco (Frisco, Texas)
  • Bitcoin Private conference speech (Austin, Texas)
February 2018
  • ETH Denver meetup
  • Smart Contracts Testnet development
  • FLUX DApp designs and workflow
March 2018
  • Puerto Crypto conference (San Juan Puerto Rico)
  • Flux Token microsite completed
  • Smart contracts completion
  • FLUX Dashboard designs and workflow
April 2018
  • Dashboard dApp Stage 1
    User Profile, Data metrics (Flux Balance and Network stats), ICO participation stat
  • App Prototype Stage 1
    User Profile, Data metrics (Flux Balance, Grow Photos, Success Badges = unlock tokens)
May 2018
Post TDE Updates and Upcoming Events Announcement
August 2018
  • Testnet with Data capsule generation Payload of data capsule with security layer
  • Grow type, location, user data and sensor data
  • Perception Engine Stage 1
    • Metadata based basic query (Soil #A vs Soil #B)
    • Perception engine demonstration on Testnet
December 2018
  • Testnet disease detection for 1 plant (Wheat $5B in crop loss in US)
  • Testnet Rewards engine based. Reward users based on usage of data capsules provided to the network.
June 2019
  • Mainnet disease detection for 1 plant (Wheat $5B in crop loss in US)
  • Mainnet Rewards engine based. Reward users based on usage of data capsules provided to the network.
  • App Stage 2 - Detection of plant disease via iPhone / Android photo. (Pay in Flux per photo)
September 2019
  • Mainnet partner metadata query for field results.
  • Plant product providers searching for how their soil product performs vs competition, e.g., 6 weeks with 85% successful grows vs. 12 weeks with 62% success.

Global Execution Partners